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We are a small group from within The Tavistock Camera Club that gather, either in each others houses, or on location photo shoots, interspersed between the main Club evenings, on daytime weekdays, or weekends.

We are not averse to modifying images, from minor to major degrees in the quest for something special, and not usually presented at camera club evenings. AI presents a forum for such images, NO RIGHTS OR WRONGS, just whatever the originator produces.

We endeavour to create images that have a little more depth of vision and meaning, using a wider range of techniques and which may require a little more studying than some!

There is a range of software capabilities shared within this encouraging and inspiring group.

We have been instrumental in fostering a more outward, open minded approach of the Camera Club and its members.

Some images brought to the surface, would not have appeared within the Club, were it not for AI.

Members should contact me Ray Jacobs (coordinator) through the link This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in the first instance, or talk at an evening meeting, if you require more information.

Some of our images ....

© Tavistock Camera Club

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