This section contains the external competitions entered by the club for club members.

Competitions this year include:


Competition Date Content Closing Date*
Kingswood Salver 18 Nov 2017 Themed panel of 5 prints from 5 different photographers 14 Oct 2017
PAGB GB Cup 20/21 Jan 2018 15 PDI, any subject 14 Jan 2018
PAGB GB Cup Nature 20/21 Jan 2018 21 Nature PDI 14 Jan 2018
WCPF DPIC 18 Feb 2018 18 PDI, any subject 15 Jan 2018
Knightshayes Trophy 3 Mar 2018 Any club member may enter one or two prints on the set subject of "Formation" 18 Feb 2018
Devon Clubs' Battle May 2018 1) Themed panel of 5 prints from 3 or more photographers Apr 2018
  date to be decided 2) 5 PDI from 5 different photographers date to be decided

 * NB: the closing date shown is the official date. The club selection panel will need to have all images selected and finalised a couple of weeks prior to this.


With the exception of the Knightshayes Trophy which is open to any and all of you, images for the above competitions will be chosen by a selection panel consisting of (Chairman) Garry Wingrove, Peter Tulloch, Clive Moody, Paul Burgess, and John Wheeley.

Images for inclusion in the selection process are invited from ALL OF YOU. We do already include all the club competition entries and images on the club Flickr pages in our reviews but if you have other images that you feel should be considered, please let one of the above know.

Given that we do not have much time before the Kingswood Salver, our entry for this is likely to be based on images taken at the Robey Trust (steam engines and details). If you have any appropriate images relating to this, do please let us know. 

We are also looking for new ideas for future panels (eg. for the Devon Clubs' Battle) so if you have any thoughts on this, or can suggest good venues for a club shoot, please let one of us know.

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