Potential new members are invited to attend a couple of meetings as visitors, before committing to full membership.

We normally hold a regular meeting (a mixture of presentations, competitions, workshops, etc) once every two weeks from September to June in the Tavistock United Reformed Church.  We also try to arrange some interesting summer Photo Shoots in July and August. 

Due to Covid-19 we don't think we will be able to hold our regular bi-weekly meetings 'in person' for some time, therefore we have planned our 2020/21 programme of bi-weekly meetings in two parts

September 2020 to December 2020 will be via Zoom.

January 2021 to June 2021 will be dependent on circumstances and may or may not be 'in person', if not they will be via Zoom.

We have therefore split the club's yearly subscription in to two parts as well.  £10 will be levied for September 2020 to December 2020; if circumstances permit and we are able to start ‘in person’ meetings from January 2021 then we will ask for a subscription of £25 for the remainder of the club year, if not the committee will consider what the remaining subscription should be.

The full programme can be found here, and the Membership form is available here but we will only collect the £10 subscription until we know more clearly what might be happening from January 2021 onwards. 


By joining the club you are agreeing to abide by the constitution and policies of the club found under the 'formal stuff


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