Along The Seashore Winners


With 60 “Seashore” images we had a good competition last night. Again it is not just the winners who should be proud of their images – the overall standard of the entries was great. (See Seashore Competition Images)

For me there were a number of “abstract” images that I really liked and which demonstrates the creativity within the club. I wish I had checked on who the judge was before I put in my entries, an image of Exmouth for a judge from Exmouth wasn’t the best idea!
One consistent message from last nights critique is that the little details matter (and not just wonky horizons). When I am judging I find that once I see something that detracts from the main thrust of the image (like a dust spot or a stray foot protruding into the edge of the image or a bright spot away from the main subject) I keep on coming back to it at the expense of the rest of the image.
March 4th is our next meeting with a presentation from Richie Johns and Nick Green, both great photographers from Plymouth Camera Club. It is also the hand in date for our next competition “Film Titles” 
Pedro Landers   February 20th (email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
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