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Cometh the hour cometh the club. Last meeting was the two way battle between ourselves and Launceston Camera Club. It was great to see it so well attended by members from both clubs, all looking for blood and a win. So lets put everyone out of their misery and I'll just say that Launceston put a very spirited performance, in fact so spirited that they won, Well done to them for putting forward some very fine images, not to say ours were second rate, in fact it was a close run thing and in the end it will always come down to the judges preferences, who on the night was David Snowdon and a fine job he did too, picking the winners and scoring from viewing cold. Not an easy task but then that's life, and a big thanks goes out to him for doing it so ably.

The night was enjoyed by all and especially by Launceston who took all three top spots in the PDI's and 2nd and 3rd in the prints but 1st went to our very own Clive Moody for his Polar Bear print, Bravo Clive.

The final scores for the evening were as follows

  PDI Prints Total
Tavistock 141 154 295
Launceston 168 163 331


  1st Hilary Philips Speckled Bush Cricket Nymph
  2nd Ian Smith Canary wharf Underground Station
  3rd Michael Stickney Early Morning Flight
  1st Clive Moody Polar Bear
  2nd John Davy Rosie in Black
  3rd Heather Bodle Serenity

It was a cracking evening and so good to reintroduce the two clubs to each other again, we look forward to a rematch next year and to have many more collaborations with Launceston. Many thanks to all those who helped in making this event happen.

See you at the next meeting which will be our PDI 'Maritime' competition, good luck to all who sail in her.

Garry Wingrove


Tavistock - Launceston Inter-club battle PDI's



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